Water Fast For Weight Loss and Health


Fasting for health is gaining popularity as more and more people are realizing the benefits of fasting. Juice fasting and water fasting are the most useful kinds of fasting for weight loss. All kinds of books on fasting and fasting clinics emphasize upon the importance of different types of fasting for health. Water fasting is one of the most efficient forms of fasting for weight loss. You can try a water fast if you are desperate to lose weight fast, but remember that this will require an immense amount of will power. Given below are some salient features of water fasts:


  • A water fast can range from a 1 to a 40 day fast. You can chose how many days to fast based on your metabolic rate, health, the amount of physical activity that you need to indulge in and various other things. A ten day water fast is equivalent to a thirty day juice fast when it comes to weight loss.


  • A ten day water fast is tougher on the body than a thirty day juice fast. It is the best kind of detoxification fasting and the body will be getting a rapid cleansing on this type of fast.


  • On a water fast, you are required to drink two or more liters of water per day. The more you drink, the more beneficial will your water fast be.


  • It is best to go on a water fast while you are on a holiday. This is because an abstinence from all types of food will cause certain symptoms like weakness and hypoglycemia even in the healthiest of people.


  • One cannot start off on a water fast suddenly. Since there is a large amount of deviation from your normal diet, it is advised that you start conditioning your body for a water fast by consuming only juices and fresh fruits and vegetables for a week before a water fast. This will make the detox process less drastic when you switch to water as the only component of your diet. In fact, a water fast has to be compulsorily preceded and superseded by a three day juice fast.


  • Drinking distilled water will give you the best results in your water fast. Because of its inherent magnetic properties and ability to absorb the maximum quantities of toxins from the body, distilled water is best for this kind of detoxification fasting. If you can’t get this, then go for filtered or spring water. Try to avoid mineral water.


  • It is advised that you alternate juice fasting with water fasting when fasting for weight loss and health. Living three days on juice, then two days on water, then five days on juice and then three days on water is an example of a well balanced water fast.


  • Water fasting is not advised for people who already suffer from conditions like hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, schizophrenia or a chronic heart problems. Even if you are absolutely healthy, it is best if you can consult a doctor or a fasting expert before undertaking a water fast.