Juice Fasting For Beginners

As the pressures of every day life are getting harder to manage and taking their toll on people’s health, a lot of people are turning back to natural ways of healing the mind and body. One of the best and most popular methods of holistic healing is fasting, which has been propounded by almost all religions as being extremely beneficial both for the body and the soul.

Many modern doctors and naturopaths advise their patients to try fasting as a method of healing. Some of the most common types of fasts that people undertake for health reasons are detox fasting, liquid fasting , fruit fasting and juice fasting. Out of these fasting methods also, the juice fast is favored by a huge majority of people since it is easy to adhere to and the body also keeps getting enough nutrients to keep it working properly. Common side effects of fasting like weakness and headaches can be kept at bay by a regular intake of nutrient rich juices and water. This does not mean that you can be totally spared of all the side effects of juice fasting, since fasting blood sugar is definitely lower than your normal blood sugar when you are on your regular diet.



Given below are some tips for juice fasting that will help you get maximum benefits from your fasting diet:                                                                                                                                       

  • Try to drink only freshly squeezed juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. Having a juicer is a definite advantage while you are on this type of fast, but of you cannot manage either a juicer or fresh fruits, then consuming juices from juice bars and health food stores is advised. Try to avoid packed juices that are processed and chemically preserved.
  • Use organic fruits and vegetables for your juice fasting recipes. In case you cannot find fresh organic fruits, then try to get rid of the chemicals by peeling the fruit or vegetable and washing it thoroughly.
  • You should consume at least six to eight glasses of normal room temperature water and at least two to four liters of fresh juice when on a juice fasting diet.
  • You can avoid citrus fruits since they cause acidity on an empty stomach. Drinking the juice of green fruits and vegetables is advised so that you can get the benefits of chlorophyll.  Some of the most commonly advised fruits and vegetables are apple, cranberry, pineapple, carrot, celery, cabbage, kale, beetroot, spinach and other green vegetables. Try to drink both fruit and vegetable juices. You can find a number of fasting recipes on the internet that will make your fast more interesting and healthy.
  • A properly conducted juice fast is one of the best methods of fasting detoxification and fasting weight loss. To get maximum benefits from your juice fast, consult your doctor or dietician, since they will be able to advise you regarding what to eat and what not eat, and how exactly to go about your fast based on your medical history.