Fasting Can Change Your Life

Liquid fasting, especially juice fasting is one of the best methods of losing weight. Liquid fasts lead to weight loss at quite a high speed and people have been known to lose up to thirty to forty pounds during a thirty day liquid fasting period. Once you start on a diligent fasting diet for weight loss, you can lose up to three to four pounds per day at the beginning of a liquid fasting diet, but eventually the weight loss stabilizes to around a pound per day.


Thus, a fasting diet, whether it is a liquid fasting diet or juice fasting diet, is extremely helpful in case you need to lose weight. Losing ungainly fat can lead to a complete change in your looks as well as personality. A healthy body gives you a kind of self confidence that you can only dream of when you are fat and ungainly. On top of this, fat people are more prone to a number of life threatening diseases like cardiac arrhythmia and diabetes. Losing weight while fasting has multiple benefits both for you and your body.  


Many people turn to liquid fasting as a last ditch attempt to lose weight. In fact, going on natural fasts like fruit fasts, or juice fasts is always more beneficial than other kinds of diet control methods. Fad diets can make you lose weight but the moment you are off it, you end up putting on even more weight than before. A liquid fast, on the other hand, heals your body holistically. Attaching a spiritual element to your fasting will make you enjoy your fasts more while you will get a surprisingly strong will power to resist from all kinds of urges.


In fact, fasting is also a great method of getting free of chronic eating disorders as well. A number of people keep eating all the time, for no reason at all. Eating is like a drug to them, and they are compulsive eaters, always stuffing food into their mouths whether they are hungry or not. Such people, apart from generally gaining a lot of weight, also put themselves at risk to a number of serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems. As a result of their disorder, they also end up suffering from low self confidence and self esteem. Fasting, apart from making your body healthy, also gives you immense self control which can help you in getting rid of compulsive eating disorders.


Once you have your mind set on it, you can easily continue fasting to freedom from the urge to keep eating constantly. You can easily free yourself from food addiction by fasting rigorously. If you cannot do it on your own, then you can take professional help from fasting clinics that will counsel and guide you towards a healthy future through safe fasting.