40 Day water fast that lasted 21 days

I fast each year and I was preparing for a fast, possibly a long one, when something happened. A person died in my small community. He died a few days after his electricity was cut off by the power company.

What is important to note is that it was minus 25 degrees outside during a very harsh Canadian winter. He was found with frost bitten toes, taken to hospital and died a few days later.

What I also understand, and I'm getting at the hunger strike tie in, is that the power company is in fact a crown company and that there are provincials laws that protect citizens from being disconnected during winter months.

I fasted last year. This year I'm compelled to do a hunger strike to attract attention to what will certainly be an issue for all those that can't afford to heat themselves these coming winter months.

I have mixed emotions about all this. Who am I to attempt this? Who cares if I die? Who cares? Name:


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