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Benefits and some guidance of Spiritual Fasting

Fasting simply is a rest from food; you will be surprised and wonder what fasting has to do with health and weight loss. Fasting is a matter of house cleaning, it increases energy and extends life. Strangely, some diets — such as spiritual fasting — turn out to be more beneficial to our souls than our bodies, which might be one of the reasons they are so hard to follow. Spiritual fasting re-births and regenerates our spiritual willpower by filling our inner knowing with the direct experience of new physical, emotional and spiritual strength...Read More


An Introduction to the 21 Day Fast


Fasting for health is picking up rapidly as people are getting more and more aware of the benefits of fasting. Most health fasting regimes require a person to fast for a certain period of time. One may be required to fast for three days, a week or more in order to get the benefits of fasting...Read More



Fasting Can Change Your Life


 Liquid fasting, especially juice fasting is one of the best methods of losing weight. Liquid fasts lead to weight loss at quite a high speed and people have been known to lose up to thirty to forty pounds during a thirty day liquid fasting period...Read More



Fasting for the Soul


Fasting is one of the best ways of getting closer to God. Spiritual fasting is a great method of purifying the soul, and coming closer to God. Critiques of fasting argue why one needs to fast for God? Wouldn’t God love you or hear your prayers if you do not fast? However, one needs to understand that you not fast for God, but for yourself. When one fasts by starving the flesh,...Read More



Juice Fasting For Beginners

As the pressures of every day life are getting harder to manage and taking their toll on people’s health, a lot of people are turning back to natural ways of healing the mind and body. One of the best and most popular methods of holistic healing is fasting, which has been propounded by almost all religions...Read More



Some Points to Remember When Fasting

Fasting is one of the most popular and effective methods of spiritual as well as physical cleansing and healing. However, since most of us do not fast generally until the whim or fancy takes us, we are more or less clueless about the whole process. We find that it is tough to plan a fast and we also get worried when faced with the normal symptoms of fasting...Read More 



The Benefits of Fasting—For the Body and the Soul


Fasting has been around since the age of our forefathers in one form on the other. Even today, a large majority of people undertake fasting because they have a hunger for God, desiring God through fasting and prayer. Then there are so many others who indulge in fasting for health reasons...Read More



The Benefits of Juice Fasting 


Liquid fasting diets are a great method of losing weight while getting rid of a number of unhealthy toxins from your body. Liquid fasting diets are very beneficial if followed properly. A liquid fasting diet gives your body a thorough internal cleaning while letting your digestive system take a much needed break. Juice or detox fasting diets are different from only water fasting diets because you can...Read More 


The Concept of Christian Fasting

Christian fasting or religious fasting is a concept that a lot of people are turning to in their search for peace of mind, spirituality and a certain closeness with God. While our busy modern lifestyle takes us away from all things spiritual and religious, we turn to God only when we find ourselves lost in this whole wide world, alone or in dire need of companionship and guidance. Fortunately for us, God does not desert...Read More


Types of Fasts

Fasting has a number of purposes. While the main aim of religious fasting or Christian fasting is to bring the subject closer to God through the power of prayer and fasting, even people who are not religious are taking up fasting for a variety of reasons...Read More


Water Fast For Weight Loss and Health


Fasting for health is gaining popularity as more and more people are realizing the benefits of fasting. Juice fasting and water fasting are the most useful kinds of fasting for weight loss. All kinds of books on fasting and fasting clinics emphasize upon the importance of different types of fasting for health...Read More


Video Journals on Fasting and Juice Feasting


Here are some video journals that people have made giving their experience with fasting and Juice feasting.  I thank the wonderful people very much for the effort and time they took to make these videos and sharing their experiences:


90 Day Juice Feast - Paul


92 Day Juice Feast - Angela


2 Divine Gurus talk about meditation and fasting


40 Day Water Fast that lasted 21 days




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